Home renovation & design services

Ready to renovate your home, but struggling to find trustworthy contractors & tradespeople?

Home renovation & design services

Have you bought a house and want to remodel, but don’t know where to start?

Home renovation & design services

Do you want to make your home more sustainable?

Home renovation & design services

Do you need an interior designer to create a space perfectly suited to your style and needs?

Home renovation & design services

Do you have a technical problem in your house and need expert technical advice?

Home renovation & design services

Are you busy and need someone to oversee and manage your renovation?

save time and stress

We manage the entire design process, coordinating with contractors and vendors from start to finish.


We tailor designs to reflect your personal style and functional needs, ensuring a unique and personalized space.


We are specialized in building sustainably with eco-friendly designs to reduce environmental impact.


We specialize in managing budgets and timelines to complete projects on time and within budget.


We work with skilled contractors and tradespeople who ensure high-quality construction and attention to detail.

Post-project support

We ensure you are satisfied even after the project’s completion, addressing any issues or concerns.

'Jantien has gone above and beyond helping us with the interior design of our newly purchased apartment. By understanding our taste and getting to know me, I was immediately inspired and pointed in the right direction to find the beautiful pieces that now make us feel like home. I learnt a lot along the way and loved the smooth collaboration process! I highly recommend Jantien's expertise, great taste, passion and creative eye, which were invaluable in making our project come to life.'

Laure Pichon

'I am a real estate agent in Amsterdam and have had the pleasure of working with Jantien as my Interior Designer on several occasions. I can say with full conviction that Jantien is the best in her field. Her professionalism and creativity speak volumes. She has always listened to my wants and needs and acted quickly and efficiently every time to give me the results I was looking for. The quality of her work is always exceptional and she always looks for designs that suit me. I would without a doubt recommend Jantien to anyone looking for a top quality Interior Designer.'


Alisa Tomasian

'Living in a space designed by Jantien gives me a sense of space and tranquility. A peaceful feeling of being at home. I love her use of high-quality natural materials such as wood, cotton, linen. I also love her use of colors: the shades of white, the soft sand-colored and brown shades. Her creativity shines through by her use of oriental accents which blend in perfectly with the natural theme. Being in this beautifully designed environment creates space in my mind and gives me new creative ideas and inspiration for myself, my art and my life.'

Ellen S.

‘Jantien has helped us settle into life in Amsterdam by creating a functional, bright and warm space for us to call home! Her creative use of space and light has provided us with beautifully and smartly designed apartment to work, entertain guests and recharge. We also love her use and choice of plants to introduce greenery and that touch of nature into our living space! We highly recommend Jantien's creativity and keen eye for the "small- but- important- things- in- life" that make an apartment or a house into a real home.’

Annette Yeo

‘Our project was already well underway when we asked Jantien to help us. Not afraid to step on this ‘running train’ she helped us go through the steps from the basics all the way to the small details. Easily approached and helpful, thoughtful ánd thorough it was a major comfort for us. We dreamed of a colourful and practical bathroom but the choices were overwhelming and the room itself only small. With Jantiens’ help we've managed to create a perfect space that combines all our wishes and is practical for the day-to-day use of a family with small children too. Very grateful for the warm and helpful presence of Jantien, and extraordinarily happy with the end result!!’

Sander Scholtens

‘I recently had the pleasure to move into a studio designed by Jantien and it was a wonderful experience. I can’t imagine a better way that our minimalist studio could have been designed! Our studio meets all of our needs, from working remotely to having guests over, it is both functional and beautiful!’

Bianca Udrea

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